Types of Boat Survey

Our experience in repairing and restoring a variety of inland waterways narrowboats and barges has lead to a specialisation in the surveying of steel and Iron hulled boats of all types.

As marine surveyors we have become known for a common sense approach to surveying of either a historic narrow boat, a modern narrowboat or a barge.

Marine Surveys Ltd is particularly proud of its links with the boat museums and historic narrow boat operators and is equally proud of its reputation for taking the time to carefully consider how best to satisfy a need for repairs with a need to preserve a boats historic importance.

Marine Surveys Ltd welcomes the opportunity to work with boat owners to devise a repair method and schedule that suits the needs of the boat, the owners budget and the longer term preservation or restoration for both narrow boats or barges.

Condition Survey

For those buying a boat, seeking to obtain finance or in some cases for those seeking to obtain insurance the Condition Survey can be required.

External Hull Survey

It is becoming more common for boat insurance underwriters to require a partial or complete boat survey on craft of a certain age before they will offer insurance.

Valuation Survey

A Valuation survey, if undertaken in separation to a condition survey, is not an in depth examination or assessment on the condition of a craft

Damage Survey

It is more often that it is insurance underwriters that commission a damage survey in order to confirm the cause and extent of damage and the likely cost associated with the insured liability.

Tonnage Survey

For vessels which are to undergo Part I Registration with the UK Shipping Register for merchant ships and pleasure vessels [Link to Part 1 Register] a tonnage measurement is required

Ship Canal Certificates

It is a requirement that pleasure vessels wishing to navigate the Manchester Ship Canal must have a valid certificate which confirms their suitability for the passage.

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