Marine Surveys Ltd

Marine Surveys Ltd has been established as a professional marine survey practice which specialises in leisure craft and inland commercial vessels under 24m in length with surveyors working and traveling throughout Britain and across Europe.

Survey instructions come from a broad range of clients including the legal profession, navigation authorities, government bodies, insurance underwriters, museums, boat buyers, private boat owners, fleet and hire boat operators, equipment suppliers and boat builders.

Michael Carter is the principle surveyor for Marine Surveys Ltd and personally undertakes the majority of the instructions received by the company which is known for the personal service offered to all clients large and small.

The Marine Survey practice is particularly known for historic canal narrowboat surveys as well as the more modern narrow boat survey or barge survey.

Realistic to the fact that no one marine surveyor can be an expert in all aspects of the field, Marine Surveys Ltd is proud of its links with other practicing marine surveyors and appoints a small number of established experienced surveyors for their expertise suited to specific projects and for general boat surveying instructions which broadens the potential pool of knowledge within the practice.

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